About Us

AKKAweb is a New Bedford, MA based web development firm with an worldwide outreach. We don't just custom design your website, we develop it with you and your customers at center stage. Our Team will work hard on your project to meet or exceed your expectations. We develop web projects with the ultimate goal of connecting companies and customers in a world of constant digital evolution.

Today's customers are living in an age of demanding excellence, where they expect web experiences to be engaging. AKKAweb provides web design solutions geared toward that requirement and takes advantage of advanced technologies to make your projects stand out from your competition.

We develop touch friendly websites with a lot of interactivity and we make sure your most important information is only a click or touch away. Our developments are based on responsiveness which allows a website to be easily viewed in any device, be it a Desktop, Tablet or Smartphone.

We ensure your involvement in every step of the development process from wireframes to completion and your opinion and suggestion is sought after. We take all details seriously to ensure your pages rank the best amongst your competitors on all search engines. We all take all approach necessary to improve and promote your site via social media. We also take into account your visitors and we design your site not only to rank high in search engines, but also a site that ranks well with your customers.

We will work with you to create your best Marketing Plan to target your desired audience. Whether you target local or a broader range of customer, we will be there with you every step of the way to ensure the utmost success. We will help you get the work out, thru Social Media, newsletters and other means of Internet Marketing.


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