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An quick look into Drupal 7 the views_query_alter hook

Drupal is a robust system with some powerful features and modules. One of those is the Views modules. This modules allows a developer to create sophisticated queries that can pull pretty much anything from the database. Although powerful, it has some limitations and one of them is returning queries based on partial terms. Below I will detail issues I faced and how I solved the problem with hook_views_query_alter function.

How to use AKKA's CakePHP Mailchimp 2.0 Plugin

This Plugin allows CakePHP to interact with the Mailchimp API. Currently I am in the first stages of developing this plugin and as of now it can only Subscribe a user. Unsubscribe, should be coming soon. However, future version will include much more, like an admin backend where you can view subscribers, send newsletters from you backend, etc. That is the plan, time permitting....

Top list of the best and must use CakePHP 3 plugin

CakePHP is one of the best and most popular PHP frameworks. What makes it even greater is the availability of many plugins that allows a developer to quickly get a website up and running. Below I have included a list of the best and must use CakePHP 3.x plugins. Most of those I currently use and others I have only tested.


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